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A fire broke out last night at Hong Kong Airport’s Midfield Concourse at 9:50 PM last night. The fire happened in the new Hong Kong Airlines lounge that opened at the concourse, and luckily no one was injured.

Hong Kong Airport Midfield Concourse


At 9.50pm, the fabric surrounding construction work at Hong Kong Airlines’ VIP area on the second floor of Terminal One’s midfield concourse caught fire and quickly spread to the entire lounge.

Airport Authority staff evacuated passengers nearby and reported the incident to the police.

a large building with a fire in the ceiling

Firefighters were sent to the scene, located near gate 212, after the Fire Service Department received a No 2 alarm.

The authority said in a statement that the fire was put out at 10.10pm and that no passengers were injured. “The operation of the airport was not interrupted,” it added.

Midfield Concourse Hong Kong Airport

Kudos to the airport staff for being so diligent and getting all the passengers out of there quickly enough, as this could sure have ended a lot worse and possibly started a terminal fire. I feel for the passengers who had to go through this, though – it must have been very scary!

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