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Confusing: Swiss Refurbishes A340 Aircraft with New Interiors

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While Hong Kong is part of Swiss’ all new 777-300ER network, a lot of longhaul aircraft that Swiss still operates are A330s and A340s, both of which feature their old longhaul product. They’re not so different from the new longhaul product, though do look considerably older than their new 777-300ER products.

img_1838Swiss Airbus A340-300 Zurich Airport

Per Australian Business TravellerSwiss Global Air Lines is looking to refurbish all their A340s with their 777 interiors.

For first class that’s a considerable upgrade, as we’re going from one of those “sleeper” seats to a fully enclosed suite, which is nice.

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-9-16-07-amSwiss Airbus A340-300 First Class

a seat with a pillow and a seat beltSwiss Boeing 777-300ER First Class

Economy class will also get a considerable upgrade, from one of the old, tech-less seats to an “all-new” economy seat which will pretty much resemble their 777-300ER.

Image result for swiss a340 economy
Swiss Airbus A340-300 Economy Class

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Economy Class

Here’s where it gets confusing. Swiss’ A340 product consists of Thompson Aero Vantage staggered seats, which are perfectly fine, though aren’t my favourite product.

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Swiss Airbus A340-300 Business Class

Swiss’s 777-300ERs feature updated Thompson Aero Vantage seats, which really aren’t that different apart from some extra storage and privacy. While I’d say the throne seats are going to be a considerable upgrade, there’s not much more storage in the other seats either.

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

Doesn’t it seem like a waste of money to completely reinstall the A340s with the 777-300ER seats, and not just do a small refresh? I get the changes in first class and economy, but to invest so much in slightly more cabin comfort is kind of confusing, in my opinion.

Their 777-300ERs aren’t filling up during peak season, so I’m imagining their A340s aren’t either. They could’ve gone for something else, like a reverse herringbone seat. At least that would’ve propelled them to offering one of the best business class hard products in the sky.

IMG_0567Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Business Class

IMG_0264.jpgFinnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class

At least it achieves brand consistency, which I’m guessing is a good thing, though not as much when the product in the sky isn’t anyone’s favourite.

Bottom Line

While overall Swiss’ new cabins represent an upgrade, their business class cabin upgrade is just confusing, in my opinion. Hopefully, they take the chance to further innovate their product from the 777-300ER to at least make it a little more differentiated from their old product.


  1. double check your info – the Swiss 777-300ER features Thompson Aero’s ‘Vantage’ seats not XL. look at Thompson’s website for the LOPA. and stop pushing Cathay’s reverse herringbone seat on every carrier it’s good to have differentiation. Swiss has a better seat in First compared to CX

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