The Best Reaction I’ve Ever Had To Taking Pictures At A Lounge

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Hello from home after a really short trip to Taipei! I’m sorry about the lack of posts, since I’ve been busy all week. That’s changed, though, so I sort of have a free night.

img_2468Shifen Waterfall Park, Taipei, Taiwan

I just flew Cathay Pacific’s regional A330 in business class from Taipei back to Hong Kong (more on that later), and just in case I wouldn’t have the chance to ever again, I took the time to pop down to the arrivals lounge that they own, The Arrival. Much to my surprise the lounge wasn’t empty (not that it should be, but I don’t know why anyone would be there at 5pm with hotels to check in to/homes to go back to).

The lounge is rather shabby, but I’ll leave that to the trip report which probably will come in a month or so (hopefully).

img_2663 Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge Hong Kong

img_2668Cathay Pacific Arrivals Lounge Hong Kong

When I was getting that above picture, I smiled at one of the staff, who stared at me. It wasn’t a glare, but rather a terrified stare. Like, wake-up-in-the-morning-realising-you-have-15-unfinished-assessments-due-in-an-hour terror. It was a little like:

[image removed]

I smiled and asked if I could take some pictures, and she seemed to shudder, and sort of backed off, saying that she should ask one of the other lounge attendants first. She conferred with another lounge attendant, who seemed as confused/terrified as she was, before coming to the conclusion that I “can take picture, but don’t take picture of the guests and not of the staff”.

It probably didn’t help that I’m in all-black attire either.

Bottom Line

There are moments when I’m legit terrified at an airport, then there are just pure “LOL” moments, and this was definitely the latter. I’m happy I visited the lounge, but I don’t think I’ll be returning to the future, even if this didn’t happen…

And if you guys are wondering why I don’t have pictures of the shower when the report comes out, sorry. 😛

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