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Introduction: Mission Cathay Pacific A350

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Introduction: Mission Cathay Pacific A350

This will (hopefully) be a quick one, as my Europe trip report (consisting of, literally, flying from London to Zurich through Hong Kong) is coming up, and I want to get everything done before school starts.

The inspiration of the trip was to try the new Cathay Pacific A350, as I really wanted to have a go at what it was like. Really, it started off as an idea featuring Jason and I on a day trip to Taipei in economy around with the A350 to see what it was like – it wouldn’t cost us many miles, and it would be worth it.

an airplane at an airport
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Hong Kong Airport

This quickly blossomed into a three-day trip I was taking with my parents, and Jason said he would be out due to other commitments he had in Bangkok (which you’ll be hearing about after this – mainly something that led into his Finnair experience). Taipei is a city I haven’t been to since 2013, and kind of missed at the time, so it worked for me.

a row of motorcycles parked in front of a store
Taipei, Taiwan

In addition to that, my mother’s travel agent found a dirt cheap business class package that went from HK$4,000/person (for the seat and two hotel rooms), which we gladly took. (By “dirt cheap”, I don’t actually mean that I found it affordable for myself or anything, but rather that business class seats alone retailed from HK$9,000, so in comparison it was a deal.)

While the original plan was just to have the A350 on the return sector, the timing was perfect for us to have the A350 on the flight there, too, so I was looking at an itinerary with two legs on the A350. While I was half ready for an equipment swap, it happened just once, so I was fine.

a seat with a pillow on it
Cathay Pacific Airbus A350-900 Business Class

The equipment swap was on the way there, to one of Cathay Pacific’s regional 777-200s. I haven’t reviewed the 777-200 either, even if it’s no different from the 777-300 I’ve just reviewed, so that’s something I’ll cover in the course of the report.

a row of seats in an airplane
Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-200 Business Class

This would also allow me to try two gorgeous lounges on both sides, the new Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge Hong Kong and the Cathay Pacific lounge in Taipei.

a large room with chairs and tables
Cathay Pacific The Pier Lounge Hong Kong

a long bar with stools and people standing in front of them
Cathay Pacific Lounge Taipei

The full flight itinerary was as follows:

Cathay Pacific 400 Hong Kong to Taipei A350-900 [Business]
Cathay Pacific 409 Taipei to Hong Kong A350-900 [Business]

a map of a land with a red line

In terms of the hotels, while I would’ve wanted to go for a cheaper option, my parents both really wanted to try the new Mandarin Oriental in Taipei, which took the package deal up to HK$5,500 per person. No objections. 😉

two beds in a room
Mandarin Oriental Taipei Deluxe Room

Bottom Line

While the trip was just three days long, it hooked me up long-term to the A350…the few of you reading this really should stay tuned!

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