British Airways Makes Emotional Video for 80th Hong Kong Flight Anniversary

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British Airways recently celebrated 80 years of flying to Hong Kong. Indeed, the city has played a huge role in the development of the airline, as its first flight landed in Hong Kong in 1936. Yes, that’s 10 years before Cathay Pacific was formed.

airplanes parked on a runway

Ancient Hong Kong

Even today, Hong Kong is a large part of BA’s route network, with two flights a day, compared to Virgin’s daily flight. BA also has a cabin crew base in Hong Kong (which has a rather…interesting history that I won’t go too deep into), and the airline’s country manager is based in this city.

S0, obviously, when such a momentous occasion came, British Airways decided to do what it does best, and decided to make a heart-wrenching and touching video, inspired by a story from one of it’s Hong Kong based crew members.

fireworks in the sky over water

Yay! (courtesy Wikimedia)

The video is as follows:

Oh. My. God. Is it just me or was it designed to shed more tears than a mainland Chinese television program? Or maybe I’m too emotional… Call me Crybaby all you like. #melaniemartinezreference

In recent years, British Airways have experienced a bit of a dip in their reputation, especially when compared to the golden halo around the airline 30 years ago. Their recent fiasco with age discrimination of Hong Kong based cabin crew worsened the public’s perception of the airline. However, this video may well be the first key step in gaining the local population’s respect back.

Well done BA. Well done!

Now, if you’ll make your Club World product less of a national embarrassment than Heathrow is, renovate your lounges and their toilets to make sure they aren’t disgusting, take a look at how bad cabin service can get, especially with Worldwide Fleet crew, create an actual First Class product, allow passengers to reserve seats like actual airlines do, make sure your planes aren’t disgusting, and improve your catering, maybe you’ll return to your former days of glory.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.50.01 pm



  1. Haha! Super post!

    I’ve seen Club World seats with muck all round them. Not what people expect when paying for a premium product.

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