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As all of you have probably ascertained by now, I flew Korean Air’s 777-200ER business class roundtrip to Vancouver and back through Seoul.


Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER Business Class

While I enjoyed the return as well (I managed to bunk out for over six hours, given how tired I was), I could feel the service wasn’t nearly as good as the outbound, or any of the other flights, in my opinion.

And I knew that going in. I was walking through Vancouver Airport, thinking: Tthey can’t be that good. They can’t nail it every single time (remember, I’d been on four consecutive amazing flights on Korean). They have to screw up at least once.


Korean Air Boeing 777-200ER Business Class

And the service was still good. But there was just something I noticed. For example, after the safety video, the purser came in, and introduced herself to everyone. However, to me, she merely just said “have a nice flight”.

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When we got into the air, everyone’s steak was asked to their requested temperature. However, temperature wasn’t even mentioned when it came to my sister’s steak. I waited to see if it would let slide, deciding that telling them after the meal was served would be a low blow that would have them remember (there were a few empty seats, so I assumed there’d be a few more meals loaded). The steak was cooked perfectly (I regretted I didn’t order it, as I had a bit and it was the best meal I’d ever tasted on a plane), so I let it slide.

Meanwhile, my dad asked for it medium rare.


The rest of the flight was fine, mainly because I took my computer out and worked. Anyone who doesn’t relax on a flight probably will be taken slightly more seriously. 😉

And I didn’t pay for the flight, so I’m not complaining.

Has anyone ever experienced the “young elite” treatment in business class?

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