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Annyonghasaeyo from Seoul. I’d been waiting for this moment for quite a while, as my flight from Seoul to Hong Kong was scheduled to be on a 747-8 (one’s right next to me, but that one’s bound for Auckland, unfortunately).


Korean Air Boeing 747-8 Seoul Incheon Airport

Unfortunately, the flight I was looking forward to for a few MONTHS has now been changed to a 747-400. Not only is this a downgrade, it’s also an old product that I’ve tried, which renders the actual report half useless (I’m still reviewing it given how long ago I’ve last flown it, but damn, is that disheartening).


Korean Air Boeing 747-400 Business Class

Not only that, but it’s delayed, so we’re basically waiting until 8:50 PM for the aircraft we didn’t pay for.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 18.29.17

This is a short post, as I’m drowning my sadness with Boston Kreme Donuts. Ultimately I do get it, as a few maintenance errors have brought Korean Air to lose one of their 747-8s for a while, so it makes sense to pull the 747-8s out of the shorter routes and keep them on the longer routes. But it’s still slightly disheartening.

Has an airline eaten your aircraft?

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