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My parents are looking at a business class flight to Zurich with my sister, three other friends and I in July. First we had a lot of options, but due to making sure business class seats were available at a low cost, and not extending our time in the air, we eventually narrowed it down to three.

So, I decided to bring it to the blog, to see what y’all would like me to try.

1. Finnair A350 Business Class via Helsinki, A320/A319 Helsinki to Zurich
Price: ~HK$26,000, three revenue seats + HK$21,000 for my sister Hailey

This is my personal favourite option, and would let me sample the A350. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn’t connect for $4000 each, so chances of the Finnair A350 are grim. I’d still like to see how many votes this gets, though.

a interior of a plane

(courtesy One Mile at A Time)

Finnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class

Unfortunately, that would mean two Eurobusiness legs. I don’t mind, but my sister can’t stand that long without a PTV. However, this opens up the option of going to Geneva on a Finnair E90 (where most of the options would require not having a PTV anyway), which my mom really wants to go to.

2. Swiss 777-300ER Business Class direct to Zurich, and possibly a 50 minute flight to Geneva if necessary
Price: ~HK$30,000, three revenue seats + HK$25,000 for my sister Hailey

If we’re road tripping from Zurich, I feel like this will be the best option between the family. However, my mom really wants to go to Geneva, and I doubt it’s in anyone’s interest to get in another 3 hour car ride (like we did in New Zealand last February).

a seat in a plane

Swiss Boeing 777-300ER Business Class (courtesy The Design Air)

Especially with promotional tax-free fares, I’m happy to go with this option, as Swiss hasn’t even started operating Boeing 777-300ERs yet. Their cabins would be brand new, and look pretty sleek and private. It’d be a good review, if not as nice as trying out the A350.

3. Cathay Pacific 777-300ER Business Class direct to Zurich, and possibly transiting through London and Madrid if going to Geneva
Price: ~HK$36,000, one revenue seat + two award seats for 120,000 Asia Miles + HK$28,000 for my sister Hailey

I’ve reviewed Cathay Pacific business class in the past, but most likely they’d be the most comfortable out of the three. I’d also get to try both British Airways and Iberia, though I wouldn’t go out of my way to review them shorthaul.


Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

I wouldn’t really go out of my way to review this, especially with 120,000 Asia Miles to cash in. But my miles are expiring, and given my parents are on the flight too, I might as well just pick the most spacious and comfortable for now.

If anyone asks, finding partner airline award space on Cathay is like finding a diamond in a public trash can.

4. Korean Air 777-300ER/777-200ER Business Class via Seoul, seperate flight to Geneva
Price: ~HK$26,000, three revenue seats + HK$21,000 for my sister Hailey

I’d basically be repeating reviews, but I have seats held till February 25th in the little six-seat mini cabin behind first class on the 777-300ER to Seoul and back from Hong Kong, though you definitely would get tired of the Prestige Sleeper seat by then. I do see value in re-reviewing their new business class, though I’d like to have them on a longer route.

a seat in a plane

Korean Air Boeing 777-300ER Business Class (courtesy Executive Traveler)

Currently, the only way we’re considering this is if the Vancouver flights turn out to be amazing. I have them on hold in case the Swiss prices go up (the tax-free fares are effective from February 1st) and the Cathay Pacific fares go up at the same time, as if we’re going direct to Zurich two legs with PTV would be better than two hours without.

Your call, folks!

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