Follow Young Travelers of Hong Kong on Facebook and Think of Bells and Whistles That I Could Be Using

In a slow and steady integration of travel blogging into my life, I’ve started to get more active on social media. With Young Travelers of Hong Kong, Twitter is where most of the magic happens, whilst I’ve been quite active on Instagram as well. The former was launched further towards when Hong Kong Airline News was still active, and the latter has been up since Easter this year.

I’ve been on both as myself, whereas Jason just has a rather artsy-themed Instagram YTHK-based account (and his own avgeek-based account, too).

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.41.54

It’s been rather recent where I’ve thought to myself, “hey, we need a collaborative Facebook page”, and I’ve just started setting up today, and created a Facebook page for the blog.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 16.48.03

Now, the most important thing that my Twitter page does is tweet up Instagram photos and the posts I make, so obviously Facebook has to be something different. Ultimately the aim isn’t to gain likes on the page, but to rather to ask for what I can do with the page. I’m a young travel blogger who learns from mistakes, and a fellow blogger has left their Facebook page to the very end, which I’ve learned not to do.

What are things that I can do?

  • Merely repost things and try to pull in readers that way
  • Make some interesting stuff that you guys think of

Is there really anything interesting I can do on Facebook?


Would “Guess The Airline” be a good thing?

Any thoughts?

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