Review: Biking in an Ancient City – Day 1, Baisha Village

China Eastern 734 737-700 Economy Class Hong Kong to Kunming
Transiting Kunming Airport – International to Domestic
China Eastern 734 737-700 Economy Class Kunming to Lijiang
Jin Hong Garden Villa Lijiang
Biking in Lijiang, Day 1: Baisha Village
Biking in Lijiang, Day 2: Down to Lashi Lake
Biking in Lijiang, Day 3: Into Dali Villages
China Eastern 733 737-700 Economy Class Lijiang to Kunming
Transiting Kunming Airport – Domestic to International
China Eastern 733 737-700 Economy Class Kunming to Hong Kong

After lunch in a (real) Naxi courtyard, a truck hauled our bikes over, where we would start our 60km three-day biking tour around the city. My bike was an ex-Saharan bike that rode really well.


Lijiang Bike

We made our way out of the rather bumpy trail into the open countryside.


Near Baishazhen, Lijiang

It was a clear day, and we rode down from Xiangyang to Baishazhen, which was about a quick 15 minute ride.


Xiangyang, Lijiang, Yunnan, China

We made it into Baishazhen, which was an interesting little village that featured many dirt houses. It was beautiful.


Baishazhen, Yunnan

There were some animals…


Baishazhen, Yunnan Animals

I accidentally mistook a dirt dump for a trash can (they sound similar, right?) and got my price from an upset old woman who threw my trash back at me.

They also, uh, tried to use English…


Cross Bridge Noodle Baishazhen


Enjoy yours eyes to the full Parking Baishazhen

After our short (and slightly problematic for me) stay, we made our way back to the hotel. The road was beautiful, straight and it was great to get intimate with Mother Nature – though it was said that I was centimetres from a truck three times during the ride.


Qiangwei Avenue, Lijiang, China


Qiangwei Avenue, Lijiang, China


Qiangwei Avenue, Lijiang, China


Qiangwei Avenue, Lijiang

We rode into the city and eventually made way into a quiet lake.


Lake, Lijiang


Lake, Lijiang

We then took the ride back to the hotel. I could tell it was a great three days of biking…

Any thoughts?

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