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I’ve been to quite a few lounges around Hong Kong Airport, including Cathay Pacific’s The Cabin, THAI’s Royal Orchid Lounge and the Singapore SilverKris Lounge.

a room with chairs and tables with lamps

Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge Hong Kong

What I couldn’t wrap my head around was why I could for the sh*t of me not find any pictures of the Korean Air Lounge Hong Kong.

Well, I still can’t wrap my head around that, but I guess I have the first (okay, second) picture of the lounge for my trip report. Given that this could be the first on the internet, I’d like to share my thoughts.

The service is amazing, er, was amazing

I arrived early in the morning, where I was the only person in the lounge (yay).

a room with blue chairs and tables

The lounge attendant asked me where my parents were (shopping), smiled at me a lot, and made sure I took care of myself.

Then two middle aged women stepped in, and the attendant basically disappeared.

a sign on a wall

The lounge is very, very, very small

I wasn’t expecting any bigger a lounge, but this lounge is pretty small. For an A330 with eighteen business class passengers, it’s not a problem, but when the 747s haul over…

a room with blue chairs and tables

Extent of the whole lounge

There’s a first class section, which is equally small.

a room with red chairs and a television

Korean Air Lounge Hong Kong First Class Section

Should I leave?

I’m bored in the lounge, and with the pathetic spread, I’m thinking of just hiking off somewhere and plane spotting.

a bowl of fruit on a shelf

Korean Air Lounge Hong Kong Business Class Section “Seasonal Fruit”

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