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I’ve heard that the China Eastern’s A321 is better than it’s thought to be.

people inside of an airplane
China Eastern Airbus A321 Economy Class

I have some work to do in Lijiang through school next week, and obviously my school’s been looking at options because we weren’t notified how we’d be getting there until yesterday.


I love trying new airlines, as y’all know, so my prediction was that we’d get Dragonair’s new A320 to Kunming and bus to Lijiang (school = safety paranoid), followed by from Hong Kong to Beijing to Lijiang on Air China.

Apparently not.

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 21.08.47

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 21.09.02

So basically, now I’m stuck on a China Eastern 737-700 for ~10 hours in economy, and of course it’s a nonstop flight when within 50cm on my display from where the page says “nonstop” the layover in Kunming is described.

I guess that makes sense, since China Eastern provides the only “direct” flight to Lijiang from Hong Kong. (They used to offer a true nonstop as well, but I guess that didn’t work out for them.)

map-1My routing on China Eastern 737-700 Economy Class

The silver lining in the cloud is that I might just be stuck on one of their new 737-700s with the Boeing Sky Interior.

Boeing-737-GOL-Sky-Interior-0811aChina Eastern Boeing 737-700 Economy Class

Then there’s the other possibility, but “blind” flights are always exciting.

IMG_9339China Eastern Boeing 737-700 Economy Class

One mishap: I hope my battery lasts the day in there, as I’m half sure that these planes don’t come with power ports…

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