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It’s March, and in a bit more than a month, I’m going off again to Seoul. Meanwhile, I have a month to get along with schoolwork, and also catch up on trip reports in my free time. I decided I’d do a rundown of the trip reports we owe you guys (as there are currently six trip reports that we owe you).

In order of posting:

1. Ni-hong-go Madness
Poster: Jason

Jason went to Nihongo Land Nagoya, Japan in December, and would like to share his thoughts of the trip (in installments).


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Twin


2. Weekend with the Mosquitoes
Poster: Alvin

I went to Phuket a week ago, and have to wait for two trip reports before I can share my thoughts, but I can do that.

a row of seats on an airplane

THAI Airbus A330-300 Business Class Seat 17E and 17F


3. Midterms in Korea
Poster: Jason

All the way from October, Jason posts his experience in Cathay Pacific regional business class to Seoul, and his experience at The Plaza Seoul as well.

a room with computers and chairs

The Plaza Seoul Club Lounge (courtesy Hotel the Plaza)

By then it’ll probably be way past April – I’ll slip in my own Korea trip report between my TPE-NRT-HKG and Lotus Country trip reports if it’s after April by then, but I hope everything goes smoothly in the trip report area.

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