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2014 was an amazing year, and I’ll cover what I did in a separate post.

I have a few trips booked off for 2015, and they’ll all feature interesting trip reports, but there are changes to my new year, including some that I don’t want coming, but will come.

More cabin products and more flights upfront

In 2015, for now I have a trip booked to Phuket, Seoul, Lijiang, London and Paris. Phuket and Seoul are on separate paid business class tickets (both TG and KE had cheap fares – I’ll cover the latter in another post), and I’m excited for them both. London and Paris are mashed into one trip in Cathay’s new business class with Asia Miles (and for the record, it’ll be my last flight in business class for a while).


Thai Airbus A330-300 Business Class


Korean Air Boeing 747-400 Business Class


Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Business Class

While the amount of times the three of us will have tried Cathay Pacific’s new business product together will be exasperating by August, I needed my family and I to try the product out at least once. The sooner the better!

Of course I have other trips planned, but these haven’t been confirmed. I’m going to Lijiang in May, and I don’t even know what airline I’m flying yet.

Less hotels, more condominiums

It’s a painful change on the reviewing front, but without actually participating in a points program, there’s not really a value for us to always stay in hotels.

In Seoul and London, we’re staying in condos, and I won’t be reviewing them (as there isn’t really a use). In Paris I’m trying to find a chain hotel to at least contribute to the site’s hotel review feed.


Bottom line on this year

Overall some changes that will cause mixed feelings to the blog, but as far as I go the changes are awesome.

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