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Hello from the Sheraton Macao, the biggest Sheraton in the world. While the sizes of the public areas show, the service doesn’t.



Two Sweet Sleeper beds…what else can I hope for?

With a room that retails for MOP$6,288, there is something in need: lounge access.


Okay, the hotel doesn’t advertise lounge access for family suites. The reason we didn’t add breakfast to our rate was because we thought there would be club access for us suites.

However upon confirming at the lounge yesterday I was informed that family suites did not have lounge access.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi, I just checked into the Sky Tower Room 19XX, can you check if we can have breakfast in the lounge tomorrow?
Associate: *clicks on screen several times, talks with heavy Southeast Asian accent* Sorry, your room rate is not included with lounge access.
Me: So none of the Family Suites have lounge access?
Associate: Sorry.

Of course, I had to tweet @spg to make sure the hotel was honest, and I asked to file a complaint if that was true.


Not sure if I can give a thumbs down to Sheraton Macao, but thumbs up to SPG for sure!

And aside from the lounge situation, the service is actually pretty amazing for a 3,800 room hotel!

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