And so, the Hong Kong Airline News legend continues…

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As the media limit of Hong Kong Airline News is reached, this new blog takes over, hopefully until next year (when my media limit should be reached again).


  • Alvin just came back from the Beas River Chalet, and has reviews pending from his Kyushu and Shanghai trips
  • Jason has a Korea review pending and is anticipating a trip in the sexual interesting country of Japan

IMG_9331.JPGBeas River Chalet Hong Kong Standard Twin Room

For readers that just stumbled upon YTHK, here are a few points to note:

  • It’s a continuation of Hong Kong Airline News, an airline news site from eighth grader Alvin Tse that reached its media upload limit on 22 November
  • This blog will include airline, hotel and some city news and updates, as well as trip reports: it’s a bit like One Mile At A Time for three people
  • We never post too often.

For continuing readers from HKAN, a few things to note as well:

  • Say hello to Jason, who’s just joined the blog
  • Alvin is now the main writer
  • You will now be able to see who posted what from the usernames

IMG_8916.JPGNeed I say my hometown…

I’m keen to finish my fine tuning of the blog, and continue to post here!

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