5 Underwhelming Business Class Products I Really Want To Try

Over the years I’ve been pretty fortunate to try some awesome business class products. I’ve long booked flights based on convenience, though a couple times I’ve been able to go out of my way and try some new business class products as well. Qatar Airways’ awesome business class comes to mind. Over the next couple of months I’ll also get to try a few other business class products that have also been well-liked over the years, and I’m expecting some pretty good flights.

On the other end of the spectrum, I find it very interesting when I try airlines that talk a big game, though deliver an underwhelming product. So far the airline that has done this the most throughout my (rather limited) sample size is Lufthansa (as far as longhaul flights go). Their business class seats aren’t the best, their catering is appalling, and their service culture wasn’t great the last time I flew them (fortunately that has improved since, though the subpar business class seats and catering remain).

img_5495Lufthansa Airbus A380 Business Class Seats 24H and 24K

Now that I fly with parents I’d like to make sure we try some of the best products at optimal values. However, since I’m a year away from flying alone multiple times a year, I’d like to make a point to fly as many products as I can. Simply flying amazing products won’t allow me to properly see the market average and evaluate a product fairly, so here are some of the products that I think will balance out the amazing products that I’ve been able to try so far.
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My Final Thoughts on United – How Should They Bounce Back?

A few weeks ago United dragged a passenger off an overbooked flight from Chicago to Louisville after having to accommodate crew members. I’ve talked about United’s fiasco, though I haven’t really talked about what has happened afterward. Ultimately the situation was one that has caused heads to turn both on the airline and entertainment front, as United initially handled the situation almost comically terribly.

Image result for united 777 site:hongkongairlinenews.wordpress.comUnited Boeing 777-200 Hong Kong Airport

I’d like to touch upon the event and provide a commentary on what United has done after I last gave an update. It’s pretty evident that United has had to do quite a bit of reflection after this, and other airlines have had to revise their policies as well and ensure that the same fiasco doesn’t happen to them. United hadn’t had a great reputation to start with, so this just screwed them over even further.

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My Thoughts on United’s Latest Fiasco and How They Screwed Up

Overnight I learned of a fiasco from United involving a man that was dragged off a flight because United had to accommodate a positioning crew from Chicago to Louisville. I was pretty astonished at the situation last night, but decided to sleep over it as I was exhausted and I don’t write too well under exhaustion. It’s good that I slept over it, as the situation has unwound into something astonishing beyond belief.

Image result for united 777 site:hongkongairlinenews.wordpress.comUnited Boeing 777-200 Hong Kong Airport

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United Debuts 777-300ER On San Francisco to Hong Kong Route: Farewell, Dismal 747s

United has long offered pretty crap products to Hong Kong. For a long time, all they could offer from San Fransisco was their 747, which featured business class in a 2-4-2 configuration on the lower deck, as well as economy class without PTVs.

IMG_0020United Boeing 747-400 Hong Kong Airport

Well, I’m quite happy to say that that’s about to change.

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Review: United Club Hong Kong

Virgin Atlantic 207 787-9 Economy Class Hong Kong to London Heathrow
Swissport Lounge London Heathrow
Virgin Atlantic 206 787-9 Premium Economy Class London Heathrow to Hong Kong
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong
United Club Hong Kong
Swiss 139 777-300ER Business Class Hong Kong to Zurich
Swiss Arrivals Lounge Zurich
Glacier Express 902 Zermatt to Andermatt
Hotel Victoria Jungfraujoch
Touring the Hotel Schynige Platte
Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich
Swiss Senator Lounge Terminal A
Swiss Panorama Business Class Lounge Terminal E
Swiss 138 777-300ER Business Class Zurich to Hong Kong

After a disappointing visit to the Plaza Premium lounge, I made my way on the APM towards gates 40-80. I was over in a matter of minutes, and made my way to the United Club. It’s worth noting that the primary reason I visited was to finish off the Star Alliance lounges at Hong Kong Airport, as I’d already reviewed the Singapore Airlines SilverKris lounge and the Thai Airways Royal Orchid lounge.

I had low expectations of the lounge, but Jason told me that the lounge went under a little renovation, so that put my hopes up a bit.

IMG_0002United Club Hong Kong Lounge Signage

The United Club is located to the very right, at the edge of the lounge complex near the area. From the outside it really doesn’t look any nicer.

IMG_0003United Club Hong Kong Lounge Entrance

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Comparing OneWorld and Star Alliance Lounges Hong Kong

While I’ve only flown business class a few times this year (it’s made up the bulk of my flying, but comparatively I didn’t fly much, especially compared to next year), I have flown all three alliances in business class.

I’ve flown on Star Alliance with Thai Airways on the A330-300 from Hong Kong to Phuket and back


Thai Airways Airbus A330-300 Business Class

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Essence of electronics during travel

If there’s one thing I value more about flying than reviews, it’s safety. So far this year I’ve been pretty devastated by the news of Malaysian Airlines’ Flight 370 and Flight 17, Air Algérie’s Flight 5017 and TransAsia Flight 222, and while it really hurts, it does remind people to enjoy life as it lasts.


Malaysia Airlines #staystrong Tweet post-MH17

If there’s something that makes me more heartbroken than these accidents, they are attacks. The September 11 attacks back in my birth year were pretty damn horrible, but it hurts me more to think that if it weren’t for the Al-Qaeda, these people would actually have a safe chance of surviving. Now, I’m not a politician and have no right to say that the Al-Qaeda had no reason at all to do that, but after all, life is an amazing opportunity God gives you, and if there’s something worse than taking your own, it’s taking someone else’s without them wanting to.

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