Cathay Dragon Will Stop Service To Kota Kinabalu

Well, this is pretty sad to hear, as I remember flying from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu on what was once Dragonair. The Cathay Pacific Group announced last August that they would be opening three European ports, closing a European port, closing a port in Southeast Asia, and closing a port in China. The three European ports were quickly revealed to be Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin, and the closing European port was revealed to be Dusseldorf. Well, it looks like I was wrong on my prediction on which Southeast Asian port I would be closing, as I initially guessed that Cathay Pacific would be ending service to Denpasar (and handing it off to Cathay Dragon).

Cathay Dragon Airbus A330 Hong Kong Airport

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Cathay Dragon Will Operate One-Off Flight To Guam

Cathay Pacific has been expanding their route map nicely these days, and has proceeded to make nice additions to their route map. In the past month Cathay Pacific has announced that they would start direct flights to Brussels, Copenhagen and Dublin, and decided to cut flights to Dusseldorf from their system. All of these routes are commitments that Cathay Pacific plans to operate on a few-times weekly basis.

Cathay Pacific’s next announcement is slightly different, however. Cathay Dragon has announced that they will operate a one-time flight from Hong Kong to Guam, departing Hong Kong on November 19, 2017 and departing Guam on November 23, 2017.

Cathay Dragon Airbus A330-300 Hong Kong Airport

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Review: Cathay Dragon A321 Business Class Haikou to Hong Kong

Haikou Airport’s non-domestic terminal consists exclusively of bus gates. As is the case with bus gates all around the world, while you get priority bus boarding, it’s essentially a free-for-all when you get to the gate.

At Haikou, Cathay Dragon boards all Marco Polo members, oneworld Elites and Business Class passengers at the same time, which, as usual, consisted of half of the plane.

IMG_9465Cathay Dragon Haikou Airport Bus Gate

We were bussed to our remote stand, where there was a massive crowd waiting to board. After another superficial boarding pass check, we were directed up the airstairs.

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Cathay Dragon Acquires 32 Airbus A321neos

While Cathay Pacific’s fleet consists exclusively of widebody aircraft, a fraction of Cathay Dragon’s fleet consists of narrowbody aircraft. It looks like their narrowbody fleet is about to grow, as Cathay Dragon has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire 32 Airbus A321neo aircraft.

DSC01576Cathay Dragon Airbus A321 Hong Kong Airport

This deal is listed at HK$31.7 billion – while Cathay Pacific turned a huge loss this half year (they lost HK$2.5 billion, which is the greatest loss they’ve recorded thus far), they recorded fuel as the main reason for their loss, so buying fuel-efficient planes is technically taking Cathay Pacific back on the right track.

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What Is Cathay Dragon A330 First Class Like?

Earlier in June, I had the opportunity to fly Cathay Dragon First Class aboard their A330 to Beijing and back. While there is significant coverage of Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon business class here on the blog, this will be the first international Cathay Dragon first class review on the blog. This post will mainly be focusing on the highlights of the flights and the main differences when compared to Business Class.

IMG_0265Cathay Dragon Airbus A330-300 First Class

I actually paid outright for the round-trip full fare (Fare Class F) First Class flights. I ended up paying around HKD$14,670 for the flights which is quite a lot of money, but considering the Business Class fares at the time which sat somewhere around $11,640, and the upgraded service and meals that I would receive, I went ahead and splurged for it.

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How To Know Which Product You’re Getting On A Cathay Pacific Flight

This is largely intended to be a guiding post for those who are planning to travel on Cathay Pacific, and are curious to know what product they’ll be on, without a way to know how. Cathay Pacific doesn’t have a “hold” option, and this flexibility is something that many Hong Kong travelers need. So many choose to book through travel agents when traveling on Cathay Pacific, who have much higher speculative capabilities, as well as the time to keep an eye on cheaper prices (as you’re paying them an agent fee for it). However, booking with an agent means that you won’t know which product you’d be flying with some of the time, especially when flying regionally.

If you know how to check which product you’ll be flying on Cathay Pacific, by all means skip this post, as it won’t be helpful to you.

So say that you’re either picking your own flights on Cathay Pacific’s website and want to choose the best seat for yourself, or you’ve been given two flight numbers by your travel agent and want to know what seats you’ll be sitting in. How do you tell what seats will be offered on your aircraft? What if you aren’t familiar with using ExpertFlyer and just want to know quickly?


I thought I’d quickly compile a guide – remember that, especially on shorthaul flights, equipment swaps are always possible, so keep an eye out on the seatmap whenever you can.

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Review: Cathay Dragon A321 Economy Class Hong Kong to Haikou

After arriving at the airport from the Airport Express, I headed straight to security and immigration – which was a breeze – and got myself some Hong Kong-style milk tea and some really nice Japanese food at the Qantas lounge. My flight was departing from the North Satellite Terminal, which meant having to spend more time getting to the gate.

img_2045Qantas Hong Kong Lounge Entrance 

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WAIT WHAT: Cathay Dragon Flight Turns Around With Passengers Because Captain Forgot To Load A Map?

I’ve found rather interesting news on the internet, but nothing as interesting as this. During a Cathay Dragon flight to Komatsu (which I’m assuming is a charter, as it isn’t bookable), an A320 had to turn back to Hong Kong Airport because they forgot to load the needed maps for Komatsu onto the flight.

Cathay Dragon Airbus A320 Departing Hong Kong Airport (similar to the one involved)

I’m just dumbfounded at the news, as the world seems to rely so heavily on digital technology nowadays.

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Cathay Pacific Will Introduce A New Regional Business Class Product in 2019

Cathay Pacific has long had one of the world’s most reputable business class products. While I love their international hard product (which I’ve flown on both regional and international routes), their regional hard product does leave a bit to be desired, as the seats aren’t easy to get comfortable in.

img_2538Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Regional Business Class

I’ve written quite a bit about the seat, but the overall feedback on the seat from both me and Jason has been quite negative, despite both of us thinking at times that the seat may not be as bad as we all say it is.

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Review: Cathay Dragon 603 A320 Economy Class Xiamen to Hong Kong

Introduction: Too Low for a Tulou
Cathay Dragon 602 A320 Economy Class Hong Kong to Xiamen
Barkla Concept Hotel Xiamen
Fuxinglou Tulou Yunshuiyao
Hakka Capital Hot Springs Resort
Cathay Dragon 603 A320 Economy Class Xiamen to Hong Kong

We got to Xiamen Airport at around 1 PM, after a four-hour drive from the hot springs hotel. This left us less than two hours for our 2:50 PM flight.

img_3836 Xiamen Gaoqi Airport Exterior

Unfortunately, we entered through the arrivals area, so needed to go through a checkpoint to get through a departures area. That took a bit of time to find, though we were through without too much hassle.

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