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BOOKED: Virgin Atlantic A330neo, Emirates Premium Economy, Greater Bay Airlines, And More!

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Hi! Apologies, I’ve been through a few life changes and have been striving to keep up with Young Travelers of Hong Kong. I lost my job back in March 2024, and I’ve found a couple of ways that I can continue working in the business strategy realm in the meantime, including working for a tech accessories company as well as a lifestyle apparel company. I’m keen to share a little bit more about this on Young Travelers of Hong Kong, and am finding the most value-adding way to do so. It’s been a big few months!

Now that things have settled a little bit, I’m working hard to keep up my travel reports and updates backlog. I really appreciate that you guys are continuing to check out my blog, and I’ll be working hard to publish my reviews of KLM/Qantas premium economy, Singapore Airlines 737 MAX and Batik Air Malaysia business class, and more. For my initial reflections, please do check out the hyperlinks attached above – I’m also working to publish some standalone reviews, including of Loganair, British Airways economy class, and a couple of other reviews I’ve been meaning to come round to.

In the meantime, I wanted to keep you guys updated on a couple of travel plans I’ve put in the calendar. Here’s everything that I’m planning on writing a review of. Here goes:

Virgin Atlantic A330neo Upper Class, A350 Premium Economy

I’m headed to New York to visit a few of my friends this summer (and have just applied for a U.S. B-2 tourist visa), so when Virgin Atlantic launched a 30% discount on award ticket sales a few months ago, I decided to jump onto the opportunity. I’ll be trialling their A330neo with their relatively new business class suites on the outbound, and decided to sample their A350 in premium economy on the inbound, as I’m still trying to determine the world’s best premium economy product. I’ve flown Virgin Atlantic’s 787 Upper Class and premium economy in the past, though have never flown either of these aircraft – in fact, it’ll be my first ever time on an A330neo!

a plane taking off from a runway
I’ve never flown Virgin Atlantic’s A350 before

I’ll also be flying domestically within the U.S. on American, United, and Porter (I’ll be flying to Toronto briefly to visit some other friends), and will write reviews whenever appropriate – I don’t have status with any alliance at the moment, so it might be a tough task to board early enough that I can grab photos needed for a valuable review.

Emirates’ A380 Premium Economy Class

Here’s one of the flights I’m most excited for. I’ll be flying from London to Singapore via Dubai on Emirates; I’m flying premium economy on the former segment, and upgraded my latter segment to business class using 40,750 Emirates Skywards miles.

I’m looking forward to flying Emirates business class again (I last flew them in 2019), though really I wanted to fly Emirates’ premium economy, as they’re often known as an industry-leading product.

a row of seats in a plane
I’m excited to try Emirates’ new premium economy class

Cathay Pacific’s A350 Premium Economy

We’ve reviewed Cathay Pacific’s A350 premium economy before on this blog, though I’m excited to try premium economy on Cathay Pacific’s shorthaul redeye segment from Singapore to Hong Kong. It’s been around 10 years since I’ve last flown Cathay Pacific’s premium economy on a shorthaul route, and I’ve also never flown one of their redeye flights. I’m curious to see what the service is like.

a row of seats in an airplane
Cathay Pacific’s A350 premium economy – if it’s good enough for a longhaul flight to London, it’s good enough for a 1am redeye flight from Singapore (?)

Cebu Pacific’s A330neo

While I’ll be flying two A330neos this summer (the other being Virgin Atlantic’s A330neo in Upper Class), they’ll feel fairly different to each other. Cebu Pacific is a low-cost airline that I’d flown in 2017, and I remember two things: the airline’s fun and relaxed vibe with an onboard trivia slot, as well as their harrowingly narrow seats on their A330. These aircraft are known for shuttling Filipinos working abroad to and from home, though they provide attractive prices for low-cost travel to the Philippines, particularly when flying shorthaul.

I’m keen to try out the airline’s 459-seater A330neo, which completely replaced their older A330s earlier this year.

rows of seats in an airplane
Cebu Pacific’s A330neo – the world’s densest

HK Express

Jason’s reviewed HK Express on this blog before, but I figured it was my turn to give this quirky little low-cost airline a try. Fascinatingly they’ve partnered with Ging Sun Ho King of Bun (a casual dim sum restaurant) for some of their buy-on-board selections – you bet I’ve already pre-ordered their entire menu!

While the airline recently went through a drab livery overhaul, there’s something about this airline’s core brand that excites me, so I can’t wait to try them out. While I’ve flown the airline before, back then they were known as Hong Kong Express, and were a full-service subsidiary of Hong Kong Airlines (which I’ve flown a few times since).

a group of people sitting in an airplane
Hong Kong Express’ A321

My dad will be flying this segment with me, and I assigned him one of the exit row seats without a seat in front of it. I assigned myself the middle seat next to his, with standard legroom and a seat next to it. Let’s see how that goes…

Greater Bay Airlines

Surely I’d be bereft in my duty as a blogger at Young Travelers of Hong Kong to try one of Hong Kong’s low-cost airlines without trying the other. So in order to position to my last longhaul premium economy leg of the summer, I’ll be flying Greater Bay Airlines from Hong Kong to Bangkok. I’m keen to know how they turn out onboard, because their web interface is…yikes.

a white and blue airplane in the skyGreater Yay Airlines or Greater Nay Airlines?

EVA Air 777 Premium Economy

I’ll also be flying EVA Air’s 777 in premium economy from Bangkok to London, which is a premium economy product that has existed for many years. EVA Air pioneered premium economy in 1992, and I’ve heard they’re planning to introduce premium economy onboard their 787s as well. I’m also excited to fly this fifth-freedom route, which has existed for quite some time.

a seats in an airplane
EVA Air’s 777 Premium Economy

Vueling and TUI

There are also a couple of shorter trips that I’m planning to take this summer. After flying the European mega-giants easyJet, Ryanair, Norwegian and Wizz Air, I’m keener than ever to find the best low-cost European airline. Vueling seems promising to me with their onboard WiFi, and I’m also keen to try TUI – I’ve not flown either airline before.

a white airplane on a runway
I’m sure I’ll be reveling on Vueling

I’m still looking for opportunities to try Jet2, Volotea, Eurowings, and most intriguingly, Chair, an airline named after the Switzerland country abbreviation…or the fixtures people sit on onboard their aircraft.


It’ll be a wild travel season this summer. Less than 8 months after my first post-COVID low-cost airline experience, I’m bringing my total low-cost airline count to 11. I’ll also be sampling three new premium economy products (revisiting one), as well as flying two business class products.

I’m grateful for all the traveling I get to do, and can’t wait to share my experiences with you guys – keep me accountable if I’m not keeping you guys updated!

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