Review: Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg

Introduction: Flying The Nordic Shortcut to Europe
Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class Hong Kong to Bangkok
Oriental Residence Bangkok
Finnair A350 Business Class Bangkok to Helsinki
Hilton Helsinki Airport
Finnair A321 Business Class Helsinki to Amsterdam
Hotel Des Indes The Hague
Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg
Sofitel Brussels Le Louise
Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht
British Airways Lounge Amsterdam
British Airways A321 Economy Class Amsterdam to London
My Bloomsbury London
Finnair A350 Business Class London to Helsinki
Finnair A350 Business Class Helsinki to Hong Kong

We arrived after driving from The Hague to Luxembourg. At first glance, the hotel’s exterior wasn’t exactly visually appealing. The odd design looked quite odd, especially coupled with the facade, which didn’t look like it had been washed since the hotel was opened.

IMG_0319Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Exterior 

At the entrance was a small sign denoting the hotel as a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, which is a small group of individual hotels that work together in something much like an alliance. LHW has their own loyalty program, and work together in sales and marketing. Anyways…

IMG_0320Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Entrance Sign 

There were three wolves in the colors of the flag of Luxembourg standing around in the entryway of the hotel.

IMG_0328Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Entryway 

The lobby itself was small but inoffensively decorated, with a floral display in the center of the room and some couches.

IMG_0265Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lobby 

We were checked in by a friendly associate who, interestingly, spoke Cantonese. She was efficient and gave us some quick tips and directions for exploring the city.

IMG_0321Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lobby 

To the side of the lobby was a small cafe/lounge area, which was decorated in a completely different style as the rest of the lobby. Odd. You’d figure that a non-chain hotel would try to create an impression by keeping a consistent decorative theme throughout their hotel, but nope.

IMG_0323Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lobby Cafe/Lounge

IMG_0324Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lobby Cafe/Lounge 

We were assigned a room on the 5th floor. The hallways of the hotel were decorated nicely, and I found it a nice touch that the lift lobby even had a sitting area.

IMG_0308Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lift Lobby  

IMG_0306Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Lobby 

Hotel Des Indes The Hague 
Check-in: July 2, 2017
Room Type: Traditional Room
Stay duration: 1 night
Check-out: July 3, 2017

The room was a decent size for an entry-level room in a city hotel geared towards business travelers and featured two comfortable twin beds. As is the case at most European hotels, the two twin beds were pushed up right next to each other. We also requested a rollaway bed, which was already waiting for us in the room.

IMG_0273Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room

There was a small “bar” area with two cups and two glass bottles of water. I get that the water is supposed to be classy, but I wish the hotel would have instead offered plastic bottles of water, so guests can use them while exploring the city.

IMG_0275Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room Bar Area

Next to the beds was a side table, two USB ports, an EU-style power port and a high-tech room temperature and lighting controller. There was also a Leading Hotels of the World “lookbook” on the table.

IMG_0276Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room Side Table, Power Ports and Lookbook

There was a large L-shaped desk, which I imagine business travelers will immensely appreciate. The working chair was also comfortable enough, which was a plus.

IMG_0277Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room Desk 

The design of the room was classic but inoffensive. Regardless, it stocked all of the amenities that you would expect at a business hotel, so I’m not complaining.

The toilet was large enough and featured a sink with plenty of counter space, along with a hairdryer and unbranded toiletries which were alright but not particularly memorable.

IMG_0279Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room Bathroom

The bathroom also featured a bidet, which I honestly couldn’t figure out how to use to save my life. There was also a bathtub, along with a handheld showerhead. The glass panel separating the bathtub and the rest of the bathroom could also be moved, which I thought was thoughtful.

IMG_0281Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg Traditional Room Bathtub and Bidet

The location of the hotel was great. Luxembourg City is very compact, so most tourist attractions were within close proximity of the hotel, and getting around was very easy.

Although we didn’t stay for very long, all of the staff that we interacted with throughout our stay were courteous and friendly. The staff was more than happy to give directions and give recommendations for tourist attractions and restaurants.

Bottom Line: Hotel Royal Luxembourg

Although clearly geared towards business travelers, this is a great base for exploring Luxembourg. While it may not be the most modern hotel out there, the rooms are comfortable, well furnished and practically designed. As is the case at most city hotels, the service was good but not memorable.

Overall, I’d recommend staying here when exploring Luxembourg, as the hotel’s pleasant, and the location is great.

Any thoughts?

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