Review: Hotel Des Indes The Hague

Introduction: Flying The Nordic Shortcut to Europe
Cathay Pacific 777 Business Class Hong Kong to Bangkok
Oriental Residence Bangkok
Finnair A350 Business Class Bangkok to Helsinki
Hilton Helsinki Airport
Finnair A321 Business Class Helsinki to Amsterdam
Hotel Des Indes The Hague
Hotel Le Royal Luxembourg
Sofitel Brussels Le Louise
Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht
British Airways Lounge Amsterdam
British Airways A321 Economy Class Amsterdam to London
My Bloomsbury London
Finnair A350 Business Class London to Helsinki
Finnair A350 Business Class Helsinki to Hong Kong

We arrived at the Hotel Des Indes after driving straight from Amsterdam Airport. We were greeted by the bellmen who directed us to the check-in area and offered to park our car.

IMG_0164Hotel Des Indes The Hague Entrance 

Past the revolving doors was a hallway which was decorated in a really “grand” style and looked a lot like a palace, which is fitting since the hotel is one of the oldest and grandest in The Hague.

IMG_0193Hotel Des Indes The Hague Entrance Hallway 

We headed to the check-in area. Unfortunately, I can’t find the photo that I took of the check-in area. It consisted of two sit-down desks, as well as a water/coffee dispenser, which I thought was a nice touch. The associate was friendly and was able to assign us a room despite our early arrival.

IMG_0189Hotel Des Indes The Hague Lobby

There were more seating areas around the lobby.

IMG_0187Hotel Des Indes The Hague Lobby 

IMG_0188Hotel Des Indes The Hague Lobby 

The hotel also had a gorgeous restaurant that we, unfortunately, didn’t have the chance to dine in.

IMG_0190Hotel Des Indes The Hague Restaurant 

IMG_0191Hotel Des Indes The Hague Restaurant

After we finished checking in, we made our way to our room which was on the first floor.

Hotel Des Indes The Hague 
Check-in: June 30, 2017
Room Type: Luxury Room
Room Number: 129
Stay duration: 2 nights
Check-out: July 2, 2017

As a cute little homage to Dutch Delft Blue style pottery, our room number was displayed in the form of a (flower?) pot.

IMG_0121Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Number 

Upon entering the room, I was impressed at how high the ceiling was. The room featured a comfortable king-sized bed, complete with a canopy which added to the luxurious feel of the hotel.

IMG_0123Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room 

I was surprised at how tall the ceiling of the room was. There was also a chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, which was pretty cool.

IMG_0124Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Ceiling and Chandelier 

We had called the hotel ahead to request a rollaway bed, which was quite uncomfortable. However, I appreciated that the hotel supplied an extra set of toiletries and another bathrobe.

IMG_0125Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Rollaway Bed 

There was a comfortable chair which wasn’t very comfortable for relaxing but a nice enough place to hang clothes and store our backpacks.

IMG_0127Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Armchair 

Right above the chair was a large flatscreen TV that could be rotated to a variety of different positions.

IMG_0128Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Television 

Next to the television was a large dresser, which featured a magazine, along with a Nespresso coffee maker and some pods (which we may or may not have stolen).

IMG_0129Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Dresser 

The room also featured a desk, with a chair that was exceedingly uncomfortable, along with a telephone, writing pad and two complimentary bottles of water. In terms of the working situation, the room didn’t have universal power ports, but the staff was more than happy to give us some adapters when we called.

IMG_0135Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Desk

Overall, while the room certainly had a historic and luxurious vibe to it, it felt shabby and outdated at times, which was a general theme that I observed throughout my stay at the hotel.

The bathroom was of a decent enough size and featured all the basics. However, I wish they would have included more counter space in the design, which is one of my biggest gripes with hotels.

IMG_0131Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Bathroom Sink and Toilet 

The room featured a bathtub along with a showerhead, along with a set of frosted windows.

IMG_0132Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Bathroom Bathtub 

There was also a separate shower with both a rainforest and handheld shower. I loved how the hotel’s emblem was placed on the frosted shower door.

IMG_0133Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Shower 

The hotel stocked Elemis amenities, which were nice but not particularly memorable.

IMG_0134Hotel Des Indes The Hague Luxury Room Elemis Bathtub 

The service throughout our stay was decent but unmemorable. The staff was friendly, efficient and knowledgeable about the surrounding area, which is really all that I ask for in a city hotel.

As The Hague isn’t a large city, most major attractions were within 20 minutes of walking distance of the hotel. We also rented a car, which allowed us to drive to nearby Rotterdam.

Bottom Line: Hotel Des Indes The Hague

Overall, this is a great option for anyone wishing to stay in The Hague. The location is decent, the hotel itself is grand and historic (albeit slightly outdated) and the service was fantastic. What more can I ask for in a European city hotel?

Any thoughts?

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