Next up: 10 Abreast 777 Economy with EVA – Plane Horrible or Hell?

Update: Find out how the flight went, in the review of 10 abreast seating with EVA!

I hope everyone is having a great week! I will be flying to Singapore tomorrow morning to attend a Model United Nations conference on behalf of my school.

While I’m very excited for the trip, I am most looking forward to the flights, as any aviation enthusiast would. Unfortunately, our school’s travel agent has made a miserable choice of booking us in EVA Air’s 10 abreast Economy Class on their 777’s for the 5-hour flight. While certainly not as bad as a 12-hour transpacific flight, I’m bracing myself for what I predict is not going to be a pleasant flight.

Originally we were scheduled to fly with Singapore Airlines on their A330, which is probably the best choice out in the market. I haven’t flown them in the last while, but their Economy seats are one of the most spacious in the industry and come with lots of room, footrests, mirrors, personal reading lights, an extensive IFE system, along with reportedly exceptional service. Thus, I was very looking forward to try that for myself!

Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Economy Class Cabin

Unfortunately, when we received our flight confirmation earlier this week, I was shocked to discover our booking had been changed to EVA Air on their 777, of which I’ve already reviewed their Premium Economy product. I’ll also shortly be doing a short cabin tour of their Business Class and 9-abreast Economy Class seats in a future post.

EVA Air Boeing 777 Taipei Airport 

The difference between EVA Air’s 10-abreast and 9-abreast configuration seems to be night and day. While EVA Air’s 9-abreast product has 18.3 inches of seat width and 32-33 inches of seat pitch, their 10 abreast economy only has 17 inches of seat width. The seat pitch has further been decreased to 31 inches, which matches many American and European competitors, though is kind of disappointing compared to a bulk of their Asian competition.

EVA Air Boeing 777 10-Abreast Economy Class 

EVA Air has also taken this opportunity to introduce yet another update to their finishings, which is an additional downgrade besides cramming more seats. The refreshed seat covers in premium economy look like Easyjet colors, while their new economy seat colors make me want to throw up. I mean, let’s have a look at how EVA Air screwed up their cabin refreshes.

The picture below is EVA’s Premium Economy product in old seat colors, which I’ve reviewed recently. I personally am alright with the design because despite the simplicity, it looks elegant.

EVA Air Boeing 777 Original Premium Economy Seat

Don’t the orange headrests on EVA’s new seats just blend exceptionally well with the greyish color that the seats otherwise have? 😉

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER New Premium Economy Seat

I’ll be seated in economy class, where the changes are even more daunting. I personally like their existing seat covers on 3-3-3 configured economy cabins, because the colors pair well nice enough and look modern.

EVA Air Boeing 777-300ER Original Economy Class Seats

And during the major downgrade from a 3-3-3 to the 3-4-3 configuration on their newer 777 aircraft, EVA opted to refresh the seat covers to a color which I think would be best described as dirt and vomit… come on, design team, you can do better!

EVA Air Boeing 777 New 10-Abreast Economy Class 

I should note in advance that since I’m traveling with school, I may not be able to board first. Thus, photography may be slightly more limited than usual. Of course, I’ll still try my absolute best to bring you the most detailed review possible!

Bottom Line

I’m pretty excited to see how bad 10-abreast 777 economy is with EVA Air. Finally, I’ll be able to answer if 3-4-3 configiration on the 777 is worth going out of your way avoiding on a longhaul flight, since EVA operates this configuration on flights destinations such as London, San Francisco, Vienna, Vancouver, Amsterdam, etc. I’m looking forward to seeing if this product is plane horrible or hell, so stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Next up: 10 Abreast 777 Economy with EVA – Plane Horrible or Hell?

  1. Sounds like another airline to avoid. Before they retired the 747-400’s, they had economy seats on the upper deck which I think is an experience like no other. Unlike China Airlines, EVA did not order the A350, and though they ordered the 787-10 (which is an amazing aircraft), it doesn’t have the range to cover North America and Europe flights. The amazing comfort on China Airlines’ A350 just blows EVA’s overall product out of the water.

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Herb! I totally agree. EVA Air’s new 3-4-3 configured economy class is a huge step backward when compared to its decent, existing 3-3-3 configuration on their Boeing 777 aircraft. While 10 abreast economy is fine for a short haul flight, it really is a pain on 14 hour hops to North America and Europe. Since EVA does not intend to replace its long haul fleet of 777s, it’s painful to see EVA configuring their new aircraft with miserable, cramped economy seats when their competitor China Airlines is introducing a beautiful product in a comfortable 3-3-3 configuration on their new A350-900 aircraft, which are flying to many North American and European destinations. All in all, with EVA Air’s new management making the passenger experience mediocre, China Airlines’ new leadership team is modernizing the airline’s fleet with stunning cabins. You’re absolutely right. China Airlines may very soon overtake EVA Air as the airline of choice both in the Taiwanese and international market.


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