EVA Air’s New Flight Attendant Uniforms

Before I go further in detail, a warm hello to all readers! My name is Ethan, and it is my utmost honor and pleasure to join the Young Travelers of Hong Kong team as another writer. I am a student in Taipei, Taiwan, and I look forward to posting more quality news updates and flight reviews in the near future! Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

Taiwanese airline EVA Air, a star alliance member, recently revealed their brand new uniform for cabin crew members. This was to celebrate the retirement of their last “Queen of the Skies” Boeing 747-400 aircraft, after 25 years of service. As a five star airline well known for its quality services, especially in premium cabins, aviation enthusiasts (including me) were eager and excited to discover what EVA Air’s third generation uniforms would look like.

img_2574EVA Air Boeing 747-400 Taipei Taoyuan Airport

Back to the new uniforms, everyone was shocked and met with disappointment when the new uniforms were displaced on flight attendants at a ceremony on Friday. Let’s take a look before I elaborate on the how I feel about the new uniforms…

In the last 14 years, EVA Air cabin crew members wore their second generation uniform, which I find acceptable and has developed into a symbol for EVA.

However, this will be EVA Air’s new uniform, to be worn starting from November.

One of the differences is the shade of red on the uniform’s “collar”.

I can’t help but think of neighboring country China’s army uniform for females…

What’s more, a scarf/ribbon of sorts is going to be worn on the neck.

To make things worse, the coat worn for the uniform does not pair well with the inside…

On the plus side, at least the darker tones make them seem more mature compared to the previous generation of uniforms

Image result for eva air new uniform

Overall, I am shocked by the uniforms. The previous generation of uniforms paired well with EVA’s simple cabin colors, but it seems that something went wrong with the designing department this time!

What do you think of EVA’s new uniforms? Please share your thoughts below!


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