What Is Finnair’s A350 Business Class Like?

I recently completed a trip to Europe on Finnair’s Business Class. I was able to fly from Bangkok to Helsinki to Amsterdam and from London to Helsinki to Hong Kong, due to a cheap business class fare. Here are some of my thoughts on the experience.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.46.18 PM.png

I’d like to note that I flew from Bangkok to Helsinki to London and from Barcelona to Helsinki to Bangkok on Finnair last year, which featured the same onboard product. However, after flying them again, I’m back with updates on their service, new photos, etc.

Fantastic Service

I was really impressed with the service on Finnair once again. On all of my flights, the flight attendants were excellent, to varying degrees. The service on my flight from Helsinki to Hong Kong was particularly excellent. The Hong Kong-based flight attendants serving my section were all friendly, polished, efficient and energetic.

IMG_1153.jpgFinnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class Cabin 

Disappointing Catering

I found Finnair’s catering on my flights with them last year to be good, but not exceptional. While the food is still mostly edible, I found some dishes to be particularly bad and poorly thought out. Some dishes didn’t even fit the menu description. For example, this is what was described as “Seafood Congee with Tiger Prawns and Scallops”.

IMG_1280.JPGFinnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class Breakfast “Congee”

On regional flights, Finnair seems to have cut their Business Class menus, which is a little bit disappointing. I was also a little surprised to have been presented on my flight from Helsinki to Amsterdam with some cubed fruit served inside of a plastic container. C’mon Finnair, there’s got to be a better way to present fruit to your top customers.

IMG_0072.jpgFinnair Airbus A321 Business Class Breakfast

Also, this really isn’t a big deal, but I found out that Finnair isn’t loading Nissin Yakisoba Cup Noodles anymore. I loved those noodles to death and have been trying to find them ever since I tried them last year on my flight from Helsinki to Bangkok.

The Hard Product

After trying Cathay’s long-haul Business Class seat the day before flying Finnair’s reverse herringbone seats, I have to say that I find Finnair’s seat to be significantly more cramped than Cathay’s seats. While Finnair has updated their seat finishes slightly since I last flew them, they haven’t improved the seat’s storage and padding, which I find to be the biggest issues with the hard product. I also found the bed to be more restrictive than the one found on Cathay Pacific.

IMG_1051.jpgFinnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class Seat

At the end of the day, it is a good product, but slightly cramped and poorly thought out in terms of user functionality.

IMG_1257.jpgFinnair Airbus A350-900 Business Class Bed

No More Free WiFi!!!

Finnair no longer offers complimentary full-flight WiFi for Business Class, oneworld Sapphire, and Emerald and Finnair Plus Gold member. Instead, the new WiFi pricing structure is as follows:

  • Finnair Plus Platinum members continue to receive complimentary full-flight WiFi access
  • Business Class and Finnair Plus Gold members now receive only 1 hour of complimentary WiFi
  • oneworld Sapphire and Emerald members have had their complimentary WiFi cut
  • Economy Comfort passengers will receive 1 hour of complimentary WiFi starting from September

IMG_1198.JPGFinnair’s Business Class passengers will be using more of the fantastic entertainment system 

This is a very disappointing move on the part of Finnair’s management. Free full-flight WiFi was a sign of wooing oneworld elites and Business passengers. I didn’t see any noticeable difference between the WiFi speeds last year and this year. In fact, I’d say that the WiFi last year was actually faster, so this clearly isn’t because of slow WiFi speeds.

The WiFi connection also only applies to one device, so if you want to keep your laptop and phone connected throughout the flight, that’ll be extra! For some reason, it also appears that Snapchat is being blocked for some inexplicable reason.

On the plus side, Finnair’s new Nordic Sky portal is excellent and much more intuitive. To sign up for the WiFi, there is no need to go through a clunky registration process. Simply enter your seat number and last name and you’re good to go. There’s also a lot of information about connecting flights, destinations, and onboard duty-free shopping.

Bottom Line

Finnair’s Business Class continues to offer a solid Business Class product. Although there were some disappointments with the product, I enjoyed the overall experience. While the food and the cut down WiFI was a little bit disappointing, the service, the hard product, and the entertainment system were both excellent. I’d absolutely fly Finnair again.

Any thoughts?

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