OH NO: Finnair Cuts Free Business Class WiFi – A Rant

This is the literal definition of a first world problem. I’m still incredibly fortunate and glad to have been given the luxury of flying in Business Class, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little pissed by this. 

Note from Alvin: I am not an affected individual of this travesty and will shortly provide a follow-up and objective report of this new change. 😉

Finnair no longer offers free full-flight WiFi in Business Class. Instead, passengers are only given one hour of free WiFi – after which you’re supposed to pay either €7.95 for 1 hour of access, €11.95 for 3 hours of access or €19.95 for whole flight access. Previously, passengers received free WiFi for multiple devices for the duration of the entire flight.

IMG_0426.jpgFinnair Business Class WiFi Code

This pisses me off, because a) I’m petty, but b) most importantly, they did nothing to tell passengers of this cut. I mean, Finnair, this is half the reason why I booked myself on you.

The free WiFi aspect was one of the main reasons that we decided to fly Finnair again. I really don’t understand the reason behind this change. On both of my long-haul flights, the WiFi was reasonably fast and most definitely usable. I was even able to (very briefly, like 1 minute briefly) FaceTime Alvin. I really can’t imagine how spending €12.95 more (which is the whole flight cost minus the one hour cost) on each Business Class passenger could wreck Finnair’s financial stability.


As a leisure traveller, this just pisses me off because I can’t check my social media for most of the flight, but for the business traveller, this literally decreases the incentive to fly with Finnair. Many airlines offer a significantly better Business Class product when compared to Finnair with comparable WiFI prices. Free WiFi was – in my opinion – a way to tell people “Hey, we’re cool, free WiFi for the whole flight over here! Fly with us!” Now, that’s gone.

Qatar Airways has a better rated Business Class product when compared to Finnair

You also have to buy WiFi for each of your devices under Finnair’s WiFi system, so if you want to keep your phone and your laptop connected for a whole flight, that’ll be €39.90. Seriously!?

Bottom Line

Finnair’s new marketing slogan is “Find the beauty between goodbye and hello”. Well, there sure ain’t no beauty after your WiFi says goodbye to you and you’re left with another 9 hours of not knowing how you’re supposed to kill time.

Any thoughts?

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