Cathay Pacific’s New Inflight Dining Collaboration With Daniel Green

Cathay Pacific has announced their latest inflight dining collaboration. This time, Daniel Green is calling the shots with inflight meals between Hong Kong and North America, and has designed a couple of healthy dishes and drinks to be served inflight to customers travelling in premium cabins.

“Seared ahi, edamame, butter lettuce and sesame soy ginger vinaigrette”

Yes. This is the third time in three months that Cathay has announced a fancy collaboration with a dai pai dong chef/hotel. We had the Madrid meal collaborations with the Langham, the currently running Hyatt Hotels collaboration, with meals designed by One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt, and now there’s this. I mean, when I heard the news, my reaction was really “Is this Daniel Green dude green enough for Cathay?” 

As it turns out, the collaboration sounds fantastic in theory. There’s emphasis on using fresh, natural ingredients on inflight meals, eliminating cream, cheese and butter in all of Cathay’s pastas meals on flights to the US.



Butter? Say what now?

I mean, as unhealthy as butter is, it really is quite important to Cathay’s inflight meals. Just think about it. Without butter, we wouldn’t be savouring Cathay’s phenomenal garlic bread, and CPCS’ inedible steaks will either be watered down/eliminated from the menu. Butter isn’t healthy at all, but I’m sure that our taste buds would be pretty damned screwed if we completely eliminated this from the inflight menu.

Now, Green has promised that these ingredients would be substituted with a couple of tricks… And… Sure. If you say so. But, realistically, how can anything healthier substitute the flavour that butter gives? I mean, you could dump olive oil in, but wouldn’t that water the taste of the dish down? You could also throw in the entire salt content of the South China Sea, but wouldn’t that make it even unhealthier for customers? Am I missing something here?

I’m not saying that using natural, fresh ingredients wouldn’t make a dish taste just as good as one drowned in butter. However, when we’re talking about dining at a higher altitude, it might be a better option to play it safer.

Additionally, it appears that Cathay is ditching the super-duper unhealthy berry smoothie that they serve with breakfast (which, by the way, was excellent) with a series of drinks created by Not Green Enough for CX Daniel Green. There’s a Vitamin C booster, which sounds nice, as well as a “Berries, Spinach and Maple Syrup Energiser”.

I mean, berries and maple syrup seem nice together…but spinach…?

What was the thought process there? Did a stray spinach end up in someone’s “berries with syrup” supper dessert and someone thought “hmm, this tastes good, let’s make a smoothie!”.

Aside from that, however, I’m really excited for the collaboration. I’m no food snob, that’s the other musketeer that writes for this blog, but you can’t really deny that “Fettucine with shiitake mushrooms, white wine, garlic, chargrilled fennel and white truffle oil” really sounds fantastic.

Bottom Line

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not this collaboration actually makes a positive difference to Cathay’s inflight dining.

I’m just crossing my fingers that they keep my beloved garlic bread and my favourite berry smoothie on the menu for my flight.

Any thoughts?

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