Review: Hotel Preciados Madrid

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Hotel Preciados Madrid
Hotel Catalonia Square Barcelona
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We arrived after an hour long marathon of a taxi ride from Madrid Airport to the hotel, which resulted in some heated negotiations with the taxi driver, as well as loud complaining and what I assumed was swearing in Spanish to someone on the other end of a phone.

The hotel is on a road that is seemingly having an identity crisis over whether it’s a pedestrian road, or a road that cars can drive on. I don’t have a picture of the street, but I’ll note that it had this beautiful canopy that was the perfect excuse for a couple of Instagram photos.


Madrid Canopy

We walked into the front door, and found ourselves in front of this display.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Lobby Display

We were then greeted by the friendly associate at the reception desk. She was extremely friendly and pleasant, making small talk while processing our check in. I mean, it was certainly better than the service that I received at the J.W Marriott Hotel in Macau, but that’s another review for another day.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Lobby Seating


Hotel Preciados Madrid Plaque Behind Reception

After check in was processed, the friendly associate gave us a couple of maps, as well as a series of magazines and brochures about Madrid as a city. However, I might note that one of the magazines were about Madrid Pride, which perhaps wasn’t the best thing to plug to a group of rather conservative individuals. (I mean, not me, my travel companions).

The hotel consists of two sections, an older and a newer wing. We were assigned a room in the newer wing, and found our way to our room.

Hotel Preciados Madrid
Check-in: Thursday, July 7, 2016
Room Type: Premium Room
Stay Duration: 4 Nights
Check-out: Monday, July 11, 2016

There was an entryway as we entered the room, with a closet/safe/whatever storage area in the left and a washroom on the right. There was also this weird red pole just randomly in the room. I noticed these random poles lurking around the hotel. I don’t know if they’re supposed to be decorative, but my goodness, they were REALLY annoying throughout our stay.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Entryway

There was a nicely decorated washroom with complimentary toiletries and a really cute “bar” of soap that looked like a golf ball. This hotel is really keeping things stylish!


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Toilet

There was also a shower that was easy to operate. However, it was really style over substance. The floor was decorated with a series of stones shaped like feet, but it was just really uncomfortable. The shower door wouldn’t open completely as there was a small metal “toiletry holder” thing that blocked it’s way. The door itself made this horrible squeaking sound every time it moved, which also really annoyed me. The fact that the toilet was in glass also meant that there was close to ZERO privacy when you were showering.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Shower

As soon as you enter the room, you’ll see a sofa/bed combination. The bed had zero bedding, and was consequently quite uncomfortable. There also wasn’t an actual duvet on the sofa/bed, and I had to rough it out with a rough blanket with sheets draped at the top and bottom. However, it was a nice place to binge watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so I’ll let that slide.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Sofa/Bed

There was also a king sized bed in the middle of the room, which was quite comfortable and unlike the sofa/bed had an ACTUAL duvet. There were also some Business Class style lights on each nightstand, a EU style power port, and light switches. There was also a light that took away 10% of the usable space on the nightstand.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Bed 


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Nightstand

There were also a couple of random storage shelves lying around in the room. They weren’t all that useful but oh well…

There was also a large enough desk with a plethora of power ports, a water boiler, two cups, a room service pamphlet.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Desk – Ft. Front Desk Goodies

There was also a small balcony which overlooked a side street.


Hotel Preciados Madrid Premium Room Balcony

Overall, the room itself was quite modern and stylish. However, there were some areas that I felt was really style over substance. There would, for example, be power ports lying around on a wall. However, it was impossible to charge smaller devices, because you’d have to hang a mobile phone upside down, which we all know isn’t a good idea.

There was also another random pole lying around in the room which was really, really annoying. I don’t know WHAT their purpose is, but they’re really ridiculous and cause a HUGE nuisance to the room. If they help support the structure, sure, I can’t blame the hotel for trying to ensure that the building doesn’t collapse, but can’t the hotel design the rooms in a way that these annoying structures wouldn’t affect the guest experience greatly?

The hotel itself was slightly out of the city centre of Madrid. However, as most touristy sites are within walking distance of one another, the hotel was convenient, with the longest walk from the hotel to a tourist attraction being just under half an hour. Perhaps it’s not the MOST centralised property in the city, but it was good enough.

After 4 nights, we checked out and left to the Renfe AVE Train to Barcelona.


Bottom Line

The Hotel Preciados Madrid is a nice base to explore the city. Despite there being some instances where the design of the hotel was more focused on style rather than substance, the decor itself was stylish, as well as some really annoying poles randomly placed in the hotel, the service generally friendly, professional and friendly, and the location made accessing the city really easy.

I’d return to the hotel in a heartbeat.

Any thoughts?

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