Lessons in Travel with Jason: March Edition

I cannot believe I’ve made such a stupid mistake.

If I wasn’t too young, too dumb to realise anxious to get to Japan, y’all could be getting a Cathay Pacific Business Class/Premium Economy review of my flights to Osaka.


I could have totally been sitting in these big green seats

To fully understand the story, let’s rewind and take it back to the start.

Easter vacation was coming along, and mom wanted to go to Osaka. Alvin was going there. Why not keep up the tradition of me stalking Alvin and picking the same holiday destinations at this time of year.


After that was settled, my mother decided to go straight to a travel agent to get her tickets booked, because it’s 1989 all again?

Cuz baby now we got bad blood… HEY!

However, my mom wanted to fly in style, so she told the agent to book a fare bucket that you could upgrade to. This meant a flight in at least Premium Economy…0r so it seemed to be. This sounded especially appealing since I have 50,000 Asia Miles expiring near the end of April.


However, what the travel agent did was that she booked the lowest bucket of Economy Core. Although the higher Economy Core bucket allowed for upgrades using Asia Miles, the one that we specifically booked didn’t allow that. That meant I couldn’t burn my miles, and I was going to be stuck near the back. However, I’m not a princess, so I didn’t mind that.


Cattle Class/Sardine Cans/Home/That Cozy Place That Emirates’ CEO Loves

At this point, I had resigned to my fate. I decided to go on the Brutish British Airways website to take a look at award space on the dates that I was travelling, and I was met with this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 4.09.17 pm


At this point, I damn near blew up and ran over to my mother…who had just finalised our tickets.

Dear God Dear God Dear GOD!

So, what should I take away from this incident?

I love Chow Mein Chow Me-Me-Me-Me-Mein 

  1. Always do my own travel booking
  2. Wait until the last minute, because award space on Cathay Pacific is pretty much a given unless the flight has sold out (and chances are, it probably hasn’t)
  3. Never. Use. A. Travel. Agent. Again.

Now…only time will tell.

Please give me an operational upgrade Cathay. Please. Pleaseeeee? I know I have no status but I swear I’m going to only write glowing things about your airline if I get this upgrade.

Final disclosure: Jason didn’t.

Any thoughts?

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