Review: Marriott Associa Nagoya

We had taken the Nagoya Airport Express out from Centrair in Chubu to the main station in Nagoya, to reach the Marriott. When we arrived, the welcome wasn’t exactly warm with no staff members staffing the entrance at the bottom. I wasn’t especially impressed with the welcome that we had received. This was, at the end of the day, one of the best hotels in Nagoya.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.12.13 pm

Marriott Associa Nagoya Downstairs Entrance

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.15.44 pm

Marriott Associa Nagoya Empty Downstairs Entrance

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 4.16.03 pm

Marriott Associa Nagoya Entrance Plaque

After we had entered from the downstairs entrance, we turned right and headed up the elevators into the main lobby. The main lobby was what I perceived to be a large ballroom, with large stone pillars, as well as a selection of oddly placed lamps hanging. It was simultaneously the grandest and most sterile lobby anywhere in the world. 


Marriott Associa Nagoya Lobby


Marriott Associa Nagoya Lobby

It was Christmas at the time we stayed at the hotel, so the hotel had a nice little christmas decoration, with a large tree, as well as a projector beaming little signs saying “Merry Christmas”, as well as other season-esque messages.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Lobby Display

We were promptly checked in by a friendly associate, who informed us about breakfast times, as well as other information about the hotel.

After that, it was time to take the gaudiest elevator in the world, embroidered with gold mirrors, with gold coloured mirror frames, as well as two stools on the side of each side.


Is this seriously necessary?

Something interesting that I also picked up was that the cabin crew aboard Cathay Pacific’s flight here that I had flown into from Hong Kong was also staying at the same hotel. It was a little bit of an awkward “reunion” (just like the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Reunion) from the flight that we had just stepped off two hours prior to our flight.

We had been assigned a deluxe room with two double beds with a rollaway, which was conveniently located directly outside of the lift lobby, which was a welcome surprise for the sake of convenience and the ability to roll out of the hotel in the shortest amount of time possible.

Marriott Associa Nagoya
Check-in: Monday, December 21, 2014
Room Type: Deluxe Room
Room Number: 1810
Stay duration: 4 nights
Check-out: Friday, December 25, 2014

Upon entering the room, there was a large walk in closet with double doors. 


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room Walk In Closet

Walking further into the room, there were two huge beds, as well as a smaller rollaway. The beds weren’t uncomfortable, but they were rather hard. As a Chinese person whose travelled extensively within Asia, this wasn’t a problem, but it could potentially be for one who has become too accustomed to the life of a soft bed.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room

Walking into a corner of the room, there were two rather uncomfortable chairs. However, these were extremely handy for hanging washed clothes – not so much for sitting though. The chairs also had several questionable “love stains” on the seat cushion…


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room

Next to the chairs was a desk with two extremely uncomfortable chairs on a wooden desk, with outdated lights.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room Desk

The room also had a flatscreen television, which was tiny, along with a make-up table with a chair, which was much appreciated by my mother and me.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room Television and Makeup Desk

In terms of other features of the room, it had a shower/tub combination, a separate shower, a Category 2 toilet, as well as a sink. No-name toiletries were also offered by the hotel, which weren’t bad, but weren’t good either.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Bathtub and Shower


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room Toilet


Marriott Associa Nagoya Deluxe Double Room Sink

I guess the room and the hotel in general could be described by one word: dated. It would have been cutting edge and the most stylish thing in the 80’s, but the designs just weren’t timeless enough, with evident 80’s-90’s design fads located throughout the hotel, including these weird faux-venetian fountains scattered randomly throughout the lobby.

In terms of other features of the hotel, there was a buffet. The quality of the food was top notch, with a large variety of simple but extremely delicious food. My only complaint was that the buffet closed at 9:00am, which really doesn’t give you the chance to have a lie in. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Salad Bar


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread Tamago (Egg)


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread Deep Fried Pork


Marriott Associa Nagoya Breakfast Spread Omelette Station

Service was pretty good – for Japanese standards it wasn’t the best, though in comparison to the rest of the world it was divine.


The Marriott isn’t a small intimate, friendly Ritz – rather, it’s a large hotel that does it perfectly. Service is consistently friendly. The rooms are outdated but they’re not unusable or uncomfortable to stay in. The breakfast spread is absolutely amazing.

I guess I’d return.

Any thoughts?

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