Cathay Pacific’s New Livery: A Report Card

Are you all sick hearing about Cathay’s new livery? Well, here you go, I’m just about to drop one more post your way. (Alvin: Jason, what? I dropped ONE POST this morning.) 😉

So, unless you’ve been living around an internet-proof rock (more likely, a Young Travelers of Hong Kong-proof rock), you’d know by now that Cathay Pacific has dropped a new livery like BeyoncĂ© dropped an album. Rumours have been flying around, with the suits even denying the possibility of a new livery, until the day they “leaked” it to social media.


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Old Livery

So, instead of doing a big fat post commenting on the livery like Alvin did, I’m going to break it down into a report card. 😕

Report Card: Cathay Pacific’s New Livery

Criterion A: Identity

Cathay’s new livery lacks identity. Plain and simple. Sure, there’s a really nice tail with a enlarged and “freed” brushwing, along with the customary titles, but the rest of the livery is just a boring two tone scheme running through the fuselage. You could have slapped a BA “speedbird” on the plane and it wouldn’t have looked out of place.

Just another new generic airline livery.

Rating: F-


Criterion B: Elegance

Cathay’s original livery was timeless, and was boring to the point that it couldn’t look elegant, but wasn’t trashy either. The new “tweaked” livery isn’t elegant by any stretch of imagination, but it’s not exactly ugly. I’d say it’s so inoffensive it’s like Cathay was trying to have a conversation with Teresa Giudice, that it can’t be considered ugly, nor elegant.


Rating: C


Criterion C: Aesthetics

The livery doesn’t look bad at all. In fact, it’s rather modern and forward thinking with the white fuselage and the grey band running through it. However, it’s the placement of the rest of the elements of the fuselage that really break the livery.

Everything seemingly looks out of place. The titles, which originally fit in the grey stripe have been moved up, making that grey stripe look odd and out of place. There’s also a brushwing next to the first doors of the aircraft, which Cathay marketing passes off as a “freed” rendition of the previous stripe running through the front. I call it a “sh*tty attempt at nostalgia.” It looks so out of place and awkward between the grey band and the white on the fuselage. I hate it.

Bring back the moustache, Cathay. Just plane odd.

Rating: D


Criterion D: Colours

Halsey made a song called “Colours”, and it’s quite possibly the best song of the year. Meanwhile, the colours of Cathay’s new livery are just plain boring. They’re certainly safe, with contrasting grey and green, along with white, but couldn’t they have done anything to made it pop up more? The white and the grey are so generic and sleep-inducing to look at. Zzzz…

Rating: D-



I have to say I don’t like the livery. It’s not the worst livery in the skies (Norwegian takes the cake for that), but the design of it doesn’t really fit with the ethos of Cathay, which is “considered simplicity”. I think it feels more like “half-a$$ed designing”. It’s not even interesting, with a couple of jabs at trying to “enhance” the current livery, which have backfired drastically, and placing things in places where they don’t look like they belong.

Cathay, once again, you’ve failed an expectant fanboy. Try again next time…I guess.

Final Grade: F

Any thoughts?

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