The Biggest Douchewaffle I’ve Seen

I meant to write this post when I was in New York, but my schedule was so packed that I didn’t even take a look at my computer.

As you may (or may not) know, I flew from Hong Kong to San Francisco for a summer camp before moving on to New York with American Airlines. I’ve (sarcastically) written in the past about how flying with them was bound to be a terrible experience. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t and the flight was amazing. (More on that in the review.)


Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER Premium Economy Class

However, that’s not the point of this post. Sorry.

Instead, it’s about the biggest d*ckhead I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

As I have oneworld ruby status, I’m entitled to use the Priority AAccess Line when lining up for security screening, done by none other than the TSA. The line isn’t really anything special, but just a small separate line away from the cow pens regular line leading into the screening zone. After which passengers are still required to join the line to the x-ray and nudoscopes along with all other passengers.

Myself, along with other travellers seemed to catch on to this quite early on, and followed the rules as such. After spending about 5 minutes in line, the biggest douchewaffle I’ve ever met, in a suit that I KNOW is a fake of a reputable suit making company. In the line, he flaunted his boarding pass and waved it in the air like a battle flag. Apparently, he was in First Class and thought that he was entitled to skip the lines. What follows is our conversation.

Him: Move along young child, I’m a First Class passenger, I get to skip the lines.
Me: I’m sorry, but there is no First Class priority access, but only PriorityAAccess, of which I’m entitled to. Please go back to the end of the line.
Him: (face goes red) I’m sorry, but I’ve paid 7,000 dollars for my First Class ticket, and I get to skip the lines, so get the f*ck away and let me get in front of you!
Me: Oh come on, you’re flying US domestic First Class, there is no way you paid that much for a ticket, even if you’re flying transcon, Mr Trump. I’m sorry! That doesn’t mean you can swear at me and cut in line. That only means you get selected expedited security. 


The realms of economy class

The most ridiculous part? A TSA agent was standing right next to me and he just stood their. Hello there? There’s this guy verbally attacking me and cutting me in line, and you just STAND there?

American citizens, there are your tax dollars at work.

Any thoughts?

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