My dad’s injury on hotel grounds

I’m at the tail end of a stay at the Beas River Country Club Chalet, and it really hasn’t been a great week (mostly my personal reasons).

The Beas River Country Club Chalet Hong Kong Standard Twin Room

As I mentioned in a previous review, there is a biking trail at the hotel, which we took advantage of basically every time.

The Beas River Country Club Chalet Hong Kong Bicycle Trail

My dad excused himself during breakfast so he could get my tires aired (no, I’m not that experienced of a biker), and my sister went with him.

While he tried out my bike, unfortunately he was a little too heavy for the tires, which deflated at a turn, and he flew off the bike and flipped, landing on his middle finger which somehow got a deep cut through a tendon. Ouch.

The hotel sent an ambulance that rushed us off to the Baptist Hospital (for the record, the ambulance belonged to St. John’s, so as we requested to go for the Baptist Hospital, they clearly took some measures).

One of the managers, Fiona, proceeded to extend our stay for a few hours, then an extra day, though we’re still mulling about the latter offer.

The Beas River Country Club Chalet Hong Kong Grounds

Fiona herself chose to take care of us for the rest of our stay (as only my parents and I had membership cards, and mine was only applicable for my own use, leaving the rest of my friends helpless).

My dad’s fine, but big kudos to the hotel for taking it so seriously!

Any thoughts?

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