Cathay Pacific and Dragonair Aircraft Interior Standards

Over the past half of a year, I’ve been flying Cathay Pacific and Dragonair more and more often. Partly because of the introduction of school trips which required travel overseas (literally), and also because of the constant need for me to commute between Hong Kong and Beijing to meet up with family that live there. The last time I flew from Beijing, the customer service agents recognised me.

On my flights, I found a common pattern: aircraft interior standards were slipping. Like a landslide.

1. First flight: Beijing to Hong Kong Economy KA 901

I found chewing gum, wrappers, a ripped out magazine page, and a plastic cookie wrapper inside the seat pocket. While I’ll admit that they were shoved near the bottom the seat pocket, it’s still not acceptable that these weren’t found. I also found a cookie on the floor, and a tube of lip balm between the seats. What…?



2. Second flight: Hong Kong to Kaohsiung Economy KA 432

I found that my seat didn’t recline, the entertainment controller was sucked into the holder, and that once I pushed my seat back, the tray table would suddenly drop down. The aircraft was B-HLL, which was the same plane that Alvin flew in last year on the opposite route. I seem to remember a particular twitter exchange between Alvin and the Dragonair Twitter representative…

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.05.16 AMWell, they most certainly did not, because the plane is still in pretty bad condition. 😉


Dragonair Airbus A330-300 Economy Class

3. Last and Worst Flight: Seoul to Hong Kong Business CX 419

While the attitude of the ISM and some of the crew members were the bigger issue here, there were three pieces of chewing gum stuck to the side of the seat, and also in the armrest. Interestingly, the flight was codeshared with Qatar Airways. I wonder who would get fired if HEAAB (His Excellency Snackbar Akbar Al Baker) was on that flight in my seat picking at the chewing gum. I expect economy seats to be cleaned less thoroughly as you have hundreds of seats to clean, but I do expect that a 42 seat cabin filled with people paying up to HK$20,000 for a seat is cleaned thoroughly.


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Peanut Gallery Business Class

Bottom Line:

In all honesty, it’s just me being super annoying with my attention to detail (I once asked a flight attendant kindly why I didn’t get a bun with my meal on a dinner flight.) Suffice to say, she wasn’t too happy. (Sorry! I just wanted something to apply my butter to other than my pasta.) However, in my book, it’s an absolute farce to be called a five star airline when your cabins are about as clean as a Chick-Fil-A after dinner rush hour.

Any thoughts?

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