How to Get From Colombo to Hong Kong in Business Class for Under HK$5000

Colombo is an interesting market, in which you get crazy cheap fares out of the city. Colombo itself isn’t a half bad city from the looks, but I’ve never been, so I can’t say anything.

For example, two Cathay Pacific one ways are cheaper than a roundtrip, and an economy flight to Colombo is less than HK$1000 cheaper than a business class flight from Colombo to Hong Kong.


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Business Class

So, what are the best ways to get from Colombo to Hong Kong?

1. Cathay Pacific Business Class, Colombo to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific offers a direct flight from Colombo for just ~HK$5520, which is crazy cheap for five hours in business class (its one way fare from Hong Kong to Colombo is three times more expensive).

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 11.44.42

Cathay Pacific Business Class CMB – HKG Fare

Arguably they also offer the best business class seat across the route, with a reverse herringbone seat.


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Business Class

2. Cathay Pacific Business Class, Colombo to Hong Kong via Bangkok

Cathay Pacific offers a regional business class product on flights to Bangkok, which alternate between the direct flight to Hong Kong. Flight rates are exactly the same as the direct flight, but you get to visit Cathay Pacific’s Bangkok lounge, even if it’s not that great.


Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge Bangkok

Though, at the same time, the hard product is inferior, so if you can avoid flying on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, book the direct flight, as it has a much better hard product. That said, I flew Dragonair’s regional business class (which is exactly the same) in August, and thoroughly enjoyed it, so it’s not that bad.


Cathay Pacific Airbus A330-300 Regional Business Class

3. THAI Business Class, Colombo to Hong Kong via Bangkok

When against the above, THAI definitely gets the upper hand due to a fully flat seat from Bangkok to Hong Kong. If you’re an A380 fan, THAI still flies their A380 on the morning flight to Hong Kong, so pick it if you want to.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.13.42

THAI Business Class Colombo to Bangkok to Hong Kong Rate

Rates are cheaper at only HK$3700, though you do get an angled lie flat product for the three hour redeye from Colombo to Bangkok. I’ve flown the product before and enjoyed it, but I’m not sure if it’s worth spending a night in, even if your second leg is up the top in the world’s biggest commercial jet.


THAI Airbus A330-300 Business Class


THAI Airbus A380-800 Business Class

4. SriLankan Business Class, Colombo to Hong Kong via Bangkok

SriLankan offers a cheap rate for their Colombo – Bangkok – Hong Kong routing, at ~HKD$3900.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.36.30

SriLankan Business Class Colombo to Bangkok to Hong Kong Fare

There are two hiccups: the cheap rate is not for SriLankan’s direct Colombo to Hong Kong via Bangkok flight, you have to change flights in Bangkok which requires a seven hour layover in Bangkok, in what I’ve heard is the Air France lounge, though no source confirms that. If that’s true, great!

Air France Bangkok-Views008

Air France Lounge Bangkok

The second hiccup is that while the Bangkok to Hong Kong flight features fully flat seats, the Colombo to Bangkok flight features simple Airbus A320 recliners, and that flight’s a redeye. Nevertheless, SriLankan should be a good choice for travellers looking for a cheap flight to Hong Kong, especially if THAI goes all out on their flights.


SriLankan Airbus A320 Business Class


SriLankan Airbus A330-200 Business Class

5. Malaysia Airlines Business Class, Colombo to Hong Kong via Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Airlines tends to offer cheaper flights given people are trusting them less, but they’re still a reliable way to travel from Colombo to Hong Kong.

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 14.54.35

Malaysian Airlines Business Class Colombo to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong Fare

For ~HK$4750 they offer flights from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, and their layover isn’t nearly as long as SriLankan’s. The airline no longer flies whalejets to Hong Kong, but one of their morning flights is a 777-200 which flies comfortable angled lie flats to and from Hong Kong.

The airline does fly a narrowbody with recliner seats on the redeye, much like SriLankan, so it’s not the best way to fly from Colombo to Hong Kong, but think of all the people down the back… 😉


Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 Business Class


Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 Business Class

What is your favourite way to get from Colombo to Hong Kong?

Any thoughts?

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