Dragonair’s Airbus A330 Business Class – the Best Flight Ever?

Hello from Hong Kong! I flew Dragonair on Christmas Day from Taipei to Hong Kong on flight KA 483. I wasn’t exactly excited to fly Dragonair given that I had one of the worst flights of my life with them in the summer (more on that in another post). However, as I trudged to the gate stuffed like a turkey with Taiwanese noodles from the lounge, I noticed that there was no one in the priority queue. At this point I was so excited that I started shaking and wondering if I would be the only one in the entire cabin.


Unfortunately, my mum’s phone started to ring from “work”, so I waited as she talked about her haul. As she wrapped up the call with her recommendations for factory outlet stores, the flight started going on final call (and there was still no one that passed through the priority line). Finally, I dragged her from her seat and boarded the flight and was met with this:


Dragonair Airbus A330-300 Business Class Cabin

Ahhh! A completely empty cabin with the new Airbus interiors.

Later, my excitement was spoilt by a few other people boarding the flight but still…it’s great to have an entire plane to myself (and five other people).

For starters (or Mains), there’s no “Sorry, we’ve run out of that dish”.


Service was also extremely attentive and my drink was topped up throughout the flight.

The flight attendants were extremely friendly, polished and way better than what Alvin had on his economy flight to Shanghai. Probably on the level of Joey from my flight from Rome to Hong Kong in Cathay Pacific business class

So screw Singapore Suites, screw the Residence, nothing beats having an entire cabin to yourself.

Any thoughts?

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