Review: Dragonair A330 Economy Class (HKG-KHH)

After waving my goodbyes to my dear parents, it was time to set eyes aboard to Kaohsiung, which I was really looking forward to.

IMG_0001The ever beautiful Hong Kong Airport terminal

While I didn’t have enough plane pictures to make a whole installment, I did find a few nice little/big airplanes:

IMG_0002ANA Air Japan 767-300

IMG_0003Cathay Pacific 747-400

Soon we were at gate 69, where our bird was waiting for us.

IMG_0004B-HYQ, our bird

The ground crew didn’t really seem very interested at all in checking that our bird didn’t have a single flaw.


IMG_0006Several birds in the distance

Soon enough, of course, we were on our way onto the bird, on time.

Dragonair Flight 432
Monday, May 12th, 2014
Origin: Hong Kong (HKG) Gate: 69 Dep: 08:50 (09:05)
Destination: Kaohsiung (KHH) Gate: 22 Arr: 10:20 
Duration: 1 hr 30 min (1 hr 30 min)
Aircraft: Airbus A330-300 Reg: B-HYQ
Seat: 40A (Economy Class)

After anticipating so eagerly for the new Economy seat, it was exasperating to see the old Business seats during the way over to Economy, seeing a glimpse of disappointing red in the distance.

The Economy cabin didn’t have any TVs, which was quite disappointing.

IMG_0008Dragonair A330 economy class

I sat down at the seat that I had partially familiarised from Beijing last June. (This looked a lot more aged, but oh well…)


I was surprised to see an entertainment box that dug into my legroom. I’m short so I don’t care, but does a few channels of music really need a huge entertainment box?!

IMG_0014Entertainment box under seat

IMG_0010Cabin upon boarding

My seatmate and I simultaneously opened our tray tables in hope of seeking at least a power plug, in vain.


There was a lot of hidden wear and tear around the cabin, which is reasonable given there is no possible way this was refurbished anytime after its delivery in 2004.

IMG_0012Before the tray table opened

IMG_0041After fiddling with it

Views from outside were not remarkable, though still interesting enough.

IMG_0013Watching the catering carts and trucks do their job

IMG_0015Overhead consoles

As we pushed back a Dragonair A320 taxied over to the gate, which I think was going to Sanya (I can’t confirm for sure…).

IMG_0016Dragonair A320 behind the wing

We were amused by the process of the drop down screen. The screen dropped, then as the video started playing, the screen went up. Then it went down again, the video started playing again, then it lagged, then the screen went up again. Finally it played, and we pushed back shortly.


We taxied over to Macao the runway, which was a long taxi. The fact that we were number four for takeoff didn’t really help.

IMG_0018Still pushing back

IMG_0019A cargo 747

IMG_0020United 747 (no TVs…quite a long 15 hour flight eh?)

IMG_0021Traffic upon taxiing

IMG_0022Traffic upon taxiing

IMG_0023Traffic upon taxiing

IMG_00241494 (Double 747) Trouble

IMG_0025Views of the cargo terminal

Soon we were lining up for number four behind a Hong Kong Airlines A320, a Bangkok Airways A319 and a Dragonair A320.

IMG_0027Bangkok Airways A319 and Air China A330 in the distance

IMG_0026Views upon lining up

IMG_0028Cathay Pacific jets lining up behind us

IMG_0029Hong Kong Airlines A320

At this point I noticed that the window was partially broken, so I kind of freaked out for a bit. What the f^&*?

IMG_0031Gap between the window and the ledge

IMG_0033Garuda Indonesia A330-300

IMG_0034Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

After what seemed like a long time we lifted at 9:20. It was the first time I’ve seen such amazing views from Hong Kong Airport, but I’m not sure why that is, since I’ve probably been on the exact same runway many times.

IMG_0035Views upon takeoff (HX A330-300)

IMG_0036Amazing views upon takeoff

IMG_0037New Territories in the distance

IMG_0038Views upon takeoff

IMG_0039Views upon takeoff

IMG_0040Views upon takeoff

IMG_0042Views after takeoff

We levelled off shortly, immediately hitting a bit of chop.

IMG_0044Views after takeoff

IMG_0045Views after takeoff

The screen played Big Bang Theory, which I’m not a fan (mostly because I’m not caught up with it). My seatmate (and friend) kept laughing out loud during the funny parts, which was fine with me, but the woman across the aisle kept staring, which was really awkward.

IMG_0048Adorable (yellowed) A330 windows (…?)

The person in front of me reclined, which generally is a good thing since I can track the legroom. (Remember, I’m short, right?)

IMG_0043Legroom when reclined

Shortly the meal service started. (Fortunately the window hadn’t collapsed…who knew?) There was only one option. Fortunately it was Chinese dim sum, but it was the first time I had eaten crispy siu mai… (The other things on the plate were nothing special but tasted good, and the xiao long bao even had soup in it…top notch, if the skin was less than 2cm thick.)

IMG_0046Not exactly Din Tai Fung (or Xin Dau Ji), but definitely not bad

This was starting to get boring. On flights I usually never get bored, as I take my time with nothing to do to roam around the cabin. This time, however, the seatbelt sign stayed on, and I wasn’t in the mood – especially after only a four hour nap the night before – to read a book. It was also too close to landing to sleep. My seatmate didn’t want the window open since it was too bright, but I resorted to ignoring him and staring out the window until landing.

IMG_0051Yes, I’m that interesting

The views got progressively better as we reached Kaohsiung, and the captain announced final descent immediately.

IMG_0054Swirly clouds

IMG_0055Destination in the distance

IMG_0056Destination in the distance

IMG_0057Views upon final approach

Damn, this was the third most memorable approach I’ve seen only behind Okinawa and Auckland. (Taichung…well, not so much…)

IMG_0058Views upon final approach

IMG_0059Views upon final approach

IMG_0060Views upon final approach

IMG_0061Views upon final approach

IMG_0062Views upon final approach

IMG_0063Views upon final approach

IMG_0064Views upon final approach

IMG_0065Views upon landing

IMG_0066Views after landing

IMG_0069Kaohsiung skyline in the distance

IMG_0070Views upon taxiing

IMG_0072Cabin upon landing

IMG_0073Cabin upon landing

Kaohsiung Airport had less traffic than expected, but was interesting.

IMG_0074Far Eastern Air Transport MD-82

IMG_0075Beauty of Kaohsiung City

IMG_0076Traffic upon taxiing

We parked next to a Dragonair A321, which, I think, was slated to run KA 453 shortly.

IMG_0077Dragonair A321

IMG_0078Ever cute little windows

Soon enough we deplaned, which was helped by the presence of two doors instead of one (which seems to always be the case at Hong Kong Airport with A330s).

IMG_0079Rear Dragonair A330 business cabin

This is where the Taiwan(derful) madness began…

IMG_0080Kaohsiung Airport

Any thoughts?

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